Jun Wang

Jun Wang
The University of Iowa
Chemical & Biochemical Engineering
Iowa City
Fields of interest
Atmospheric chemistry, air quality, land-atmosphere interaction, atmospheric composition and climate change. Techniques include satellite remote sensing of fires and atmospheric composition; earth system and atmospheric chemistry transport modeling.
Description of scientific projects
The projects fall into two broad categories: (a) development of remote sensing theory and algorithms for charactering fire and aerosol properties; (b) development and application of chemical transport models (CTM, including GEOS-Chem and WRF-chem) and satellite data to studies in air quality and climate. Major topics include: satellite algorithms delivering new fire (combustion efficiency) and aerosol (layer height) data products to the research community; theoretical basis for new satellite mission concept to obtain more aerosol information content from space; long range transport of smoke, dust, and volcanic aerosols, including studies of their emissions, injections, and analysis of their radiative feedbacks; process understanding and data assimilation to advance prediction and analysis of surface air quality and atmospheric composition in upper troposphere and lower stratosphere; collaborative work that transects the disciplines of air pollution, transects the disciplines of air pollution, ecology, and public health in rural and urban communities.