Kevin Anchukaitis

Kevin Anchukaitis
Associate Professor
University of Arizona
Laboratory of Tree Ring Research
1064 E Lowell Street
PO Box 210137
Fields of interest
paleoclimatology, dendroclimatology, dendrochronology, climate field reconstructions, forward modeling, proxy systems modeling, coupled human-natural systems, stable isotope geochemistry, the Common Era and the last millennium

Description of scientific projects
Our lab's research interests include: drought and temperature variability in time and space over the last 2 millennia, large-scale spatiotemporal reconstructions of past climates using multiple proxies and various statistical techniques, the use of proxy system and general circulation models to understand and interpret paleoclimate proxies and past climates, the cause and consequences of extreme events in the paleoclimate record, coastal dendrochronology, tropical dendrochronology in Asia and the Americas, stable isotope geochemistry, and the interaction between past civilizations, climate, and environmental change.