Kianoosh Yousefi

Kianoosh Yousefi
Assistant Professor
University of Texas at Dallas
Department of Mechanical Engineering
800 W Campbell Road
Fields of interest
Air-sea interactions, surface gravity waves, turbulence and mixing at free surfaces, turbulent boundary layers above/below surface waves, airflow separation, and breaking waves.
Description of scientific projects
The Flow Dynamics and Turbulence (FDT) lab is an interdisciplinary research group dedicated to understanding the nature of turbulence and examining turbulent flow processes in different natural, industrial, and engineering environments using experimental, numerical, and theoretical approaches. Particularly, our research agenda is focused on studying turbulent air-sea interaction processes, including surface waves and the accompanying generation of turbulence, spray, bubbles, airflow separation, and breaking waves. Another strand of our research is devoted to studying the turbulence structure in hurricane boundary-layer flows and examining the impacts of wind-wave interaction processes on offshore wind turbines and on-shore structures. In general, our research field is of interest to engineering, applied mathematics, and oceanography scholars. The physics learned from our work directly impacts our understanding of air-sea couplings and ocean waves, which is crucial for weather and climate forecasting and has significant societal benefits, impacting many aspects of human life.