Kimberly Prather

Kimberly Prather
Distinguished Chair in Atmospheric Chemistry
University of California
Scripps Institution of Oceanography
9500 Gilman Dr.
La Jolla
Fields of interest
Aerosols, atmospheric chemistry, clouds, air-sea exchange, marine biology, instrumentation development, aircraft measurements
Description of scientific projects
Our research focuses on developing a better understanding of the impact of aerosols on clouds, climate, and precipitation. We conduct lab and field studies that probe how aerosol size and chemistry play a role in impacting clouds. We work with climate modelers to improve the treatment of aerosols (composition and optical properties) in models to allow more accurate predictions of future climate. Our research also focuses on understanding how heterogeneous reactions on realistic aerosol surfaces (i.e. sea spray, dust) impact our atmosphere. Finally, at part of CAICE (, we are bringing the ocean and breaking waves to the lab to perform controlled studies of sea spray in an effort to better understand ocean impacts on climate.