Kristen Lani Rasmussen

Kristen Lani Rasmussen
Assistant Professor
Colorado State University
Atmospheric Science
Fort Collins
Fields of interest
Convection-permitting regional climate modeling, cloud and mesoscale processes, cloud dynamics, weather-climate interface, field campaigns, extreme precipitation, mesoscale convective systems, orographic precipitation, satellite meteorology.
Description of scientific projects
Updated 2021: (1) Convection-permitting simulations to study the convective cloud population changes in a current and future climate in North and South America, (2) Mesoscale and cloud processes associated with the upscale growth of convection in South America associated with the RELAMPAGO field campaign, (3) Study on how storms producing flash-floods will change in a future climate using convection-permitting regional climate simulations, (4) field campaign to study extreme precipitation processes in Taiwan.