Kristine DeLong

Kristine DeLong
Associate Professor and Coastal Studies Insitute Fellow
Louisiana State University
Geography and Anthropology
227 Howe-Russell Geosceince Complex
Louisiana State University
Baton Rouge
Fields of interest
paleoclimatology, sclerochronology, trace element and stable isotope geochemistry, corals, trees, Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean, Last interglacial, glacial paleoecology, Holocene climate change, paleotempestology, climate of the past 2k.
Description of scientific projects
Our lab's research interests are focused on tropical and sub-tropical climate variability using a wide variety of archives. Current projects include: Holocene reconstructions of SST in Gulf of Mexico and Central Caribbean from corals. Storm surge reconstruction with corals. MIS 3-4 bald cypress forest in the Gulf of Mexico (The Underwater Forest and understanding subtropical climate during the glacial interval. Multi-proxy reconstruction for the Inter-Americas Warm Pool. Historical fort climate records providing insight into the 1800s.