Laura Meredith

Laura Meredith
Assistant Professor
University of Arizona
School of Natural Resources and the Environment and Biosphere 2
1064 E Lowell St
Environment and Natural Resources 2, Room 225
Fields of interest
atmospheric chemistry
soil microbial ecology
ecosystem science
microbial contributions to atmospheric chemistry and climate
Description of scientific projects
Microbial drivers of carbon cycle tracers (carbonyl sulfide OCS COS and 18O isotopes of CO2).
Biological drivers of volatile organic compound ( VOC ) exchange in ecosystems.
Developing novel measurement systems and sensors for soil gas sensing.
Microbial drivers of nitrous oxide (N2O ) and methane ( CH4 ) fluxes and isotopes.
Tropical rainforest response to drought and other ecosystem forcings.
Impacts of green infrastructure on urban soil ecology and microbiomes.