Melissa A. Kenney

Melissa A. Kenney
Director of Research and Principal Environmental Decision Scientist
University of Minnesota
Institute on the Environment (IonE)
1954 Buford Ave
Suite 325
Saint Paul
Fields of interest
Dr. Kenney’s research focuses on understanding and prescriptively improving decision support processes of and decision support tools to aid sustainability decisions in public and private sectors. This transdisciplinary social science research seeks to increase the usability and use of evidence in climate adaptation and mitigation, environmental management, community resilience, and interdependent infrastructure decisions.
Description of scientific projects
1. Improving the understandability of NOAA data products -- both static graphics and interactive data and decision support systems.
2. Increasing climate service equity through engagement with historically underserved and marginalized communities
3. Other topics of interest to the candidate related to integration of social science and decision support research into NOAA operations