Dr Michael A Alexander

Dr Michael A Alexander
NOAA//Earth System Research Laboratory
Physical Science Division
325 Broadway
Fields of interest
Atmospheric and oceanic teleconnections associated with ENSO. -Atmospheric response to sea ice anomalies - impact of climate variability on ecosystems - upper ocean physics - coupled atmosphere-ocean modeling

Description of scientific projects
Analyzing climate variability in observations and general circulation models. Examining extratropical atmospheric and oceanic processes, such as the “Seasonal Footprinting Mechanism (SFM) and subduction, which influence ENSO. Examining the influence of ENSO on air-sea interactions in the extratropics. Using statistical models, including linear inverse models, to predict sea surface temperature and upper ocean variability in the Pacific. Modeling the atmospheric response to reduced sea ice and snow cover in response to global warming. Modeling the impact of climate variability, such as the 1976-77 “regime shift” in the North Pacific, on marine ecosystems.