Mr. David Bowling

Mr. David Bowling
University of Utah
Department of Biology
257 South 1400 E.
Salt Lake City
Fields of interest
My primary research interests are in ecosystem ecology, particularly the biogeochemical cycling of carbon and water within terrestrial ecosystems. Work in my lab focuses on examining carbon and water relations of plants and soils at the ecosystem scale, with the principal goals of understanding 1) ecosystem physiological processes, 2) factors influencing the carbon and hydrological cycles within ecosystems, 3) biosphere-atmosphere fluxes of carbon dioxide, water vapor, and their isotopes, and 4) ecosystem water balance, particularly in ecosystems of the western United States. This work is interdisciplinary in nature, requiring collaboration with colleagues from a variety of scientific disciplines, including plant physiology, soil science, hydrology, micrometeorology, and geochemistry.

Description of scientific projects
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