Prof. Gudrun Magnusdottir

Prof. Gudrun Magnusdottir
Professor and Chair
University of California Irvine
Earth System Science
3321 Croul Hall
UC Irvine
Fields of interest
atmospheric dynamics and climate dynamics
Description of scientific projects
• Uses observations and a hierarchy of numerical models to examine dynamical processes in the atmosphere and climate variability on different time scales. • Investigates interactions between atmospheric variability (climate patterns) and the patterns of variability in sea ice in observations and models. • Examines dynamical interactions in the atmosphere, between tropical and extratropical circulations including intense water vapor transport, and between tropospheric and stratospheric flow, in current climate as well as climate projections. • Examines the dynamics of elongated tropical convergence zones on different time scales (3 hourly to decadal) in observations. These include the east Pacific Intertropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ) in boreal summer, the South Pacific Convergence Zone in austral summer, the double ITCZs in the east Pacific in boreal spring and in the Indian Ocean. These features are poorly understood but are fundamentally important for tropical cyclone development as well as the development of the Madden Julian Oscillation in the Indian Ocean. • Examines the effect of the Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation (AMO, timescale 60~70 years) in sea surface temperature on the wintertime atmospheric circulation (including extreme weather events) in observations and a hierarchy of climate models.