Prof Margaret A Tolbert

Prof Margaret A Tolbert
University of Colorado
Campus Box 216
Fields of interest
Atmospheric Chemistry
Description of scientific projects
It is now well established that heterogeneous chemistry on stratospheric aerosols plays a key role in the decadal ozone losses observed over the poles and around the world. While less is known about tropospheric aerosols, it is likely that heterogeneous reactions on these particles are important for tropospheric chemistry. In addition, tropospheric particles play an important role in global climate and can be a serious threat to human health. Research in the Tolbert group focuses on laboratory studies of atmospheric aerosols. Topics include studies of heterogeneous chemistry on atmospheric clouds and aerosols, measurements of aerosol phase transitions and cloud nucleation, studies of multicomponent aerosols, and studies of clouds and aerosols in planetary atmospheres. Current as of 2001