Prof Michael Ghil

Prof Michael Ghil
University of California, Los Angeles
Institute of Geophysics and Planetary Physics
405 Hilgard Avenue
3839 Slichter Hall
Los Angeles
Fields of interest
Atmospheric sciences, climate dynamics, data assimilation, dynamical systems theory, geophysical fluid dynamics, numerical methods, physical oceanography
Description of scientific projects
In the Theoretical Climate Dynamics (TCD) group we study climate dynamics on all time scales -- from intraseasonal (multiple regimes and intraseasonal oscillations), through interannual (ENSO and low-frequency variability of the mid-latitude wind-driven ocean circulation) and interdecadal (variability of the thermohaline ocean circulation), to millennial (slow and fast paleoclimatic variations) -- using the methods of nonlinear dynamics. We apply these methods to observations, numerical models, and experiments concerning the climate system -- the atmosphere, ocean, bio- and cryosphere -- through collaboration with researchers in North America and on other continents. For further details, please see our website,