Raymond Shaw

Raymond Shaw
Michigan Technological University
Physics & Atmospheric Sciences
1400 Townsend Drive
118 Fisher Hall
Fields of interest
Atmospheric physics: cloud microphysics, atmospheric turbulence, nucleation, and radiative transfer. Instrumentation science: laboratory and field cloud/turbulence measurements, digital holography, phase-Doppler interferometry.
Description of scientific projects
1. How does turbulence influence cloud microphysical processes such as droplet growth by condensation and collision/coalescence? We are addressing this question with a combined laboratory and field experimental effort. We study the growth of cloud particles in a laboratory cloud chamber that produces a turbulent and supersaturated environment through Rayleigh-Benard convection. In the field, we study the turbulence and microphysics of clouds using a phase Doppler interferometer and an airborne holographic system for cloud measurements (HOLODEC).

2. How does ice form in clouds? We are investigating ice nucleation and ice growth in mixed-phase clouds. Using idealized substrates under temperature-controlled conditions, we have studied how ice nucleation is influenced by the presence of a three-phase contact line. Using the turbulence cloud chamber described in item 1 above, we are studying ice formation and growth in mixed-phase clouds.