Robert Wood

Robert Wood
University of Washington
718 ATG Building
University of Washington
Fields of interest
Cloud physics, aerosol-cloud interactions
Description of scientific projects
Deputy Principal Investigator, ObseRvations of Aerosols above CLouds and their intEractionS (ORACLES). A NASA Earth Ventures Suborbital mission (2015-2020, ongoing research)
Principal Investigator, Marine Cloud Brightening Project.
Co-I, DOE ARM Aerosol-Cloud-Experiments over the Eastern North Atlantic (ACE-ENA) Field Experiment, 2017-2018. Research ongoing.
Site Scientist for Eastern North Atlantic (ENA) ARM site (ASR Award, 2015-2020). Continued funding to work on data from the ENA site from the DOE ASR program (2020-2023).
NASA CloudSat and CALIPSO Science Team member (ongoing).
NASA MEASURES project on mesoscale cloud classification.