Robinson Negron-Juarez

Robinson Negron-Juarez
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Climate and Ecosystem Science Division
1 Cyclotron Road,
Fields of interest
Atmospheric and Environmental Chemistry
Ecosystem Ecology
Global Change Research
Land-Atmosphere Interaction
Climate Modeling
Remote Sensing
Description of scientific projects
- NGEE-Tropics: "The overarching goal of NGEE-Tropics is to develop a predictive understanding of how tropical forest carbon balance and climate system feedbacks will respond to changing environmental drivers over the 21st Century."
- Rubisco: . The overarching goals "are to identify and quantify interactions between biogeochemical and hydrological cycles and the earth system, and to quantify and reduce uncertainties in ESMs associated with those interactions."
-NASA SMAP:Soil Moisture Dynamics And Water Fluxes In The Amazon Basin During Dry Periods And Droughts- An Application of SMAP Observations. The overarching goal of this study is to improve the NASA SMAP calibration over the Amazon using observation of soil moisture.