Scott St George

Scott St George
University of Minnesota
Department of Geography
267 19th Avenue South
Fields of interest
Paleoclimatology, dendrochronology, low-frequency variability in the climate system, paleoflood hydrology, northern Great Plains
Description of scientific projects
As an earth scientist trained in paleoclimatology, I use evidence preserved in geological or biological archives to make inferences about how our environment has changed during the last several hundred or thousands of years. Most of my research focuses on three related themes. First, I develop networks of proxy records and seek to understand how these data reflect climatic, ecological or cultural influences. Second, I use these data to develop robust quantitative estimates of key environmental variables at a range of spatial scales. Finally, I study both instrumental and proxy records to understand how and why the climate system varies over longer timeframes. By describing the spatial and temporal characteristic of long-term behavior in the climate system, I hope to understand its impacts on physical and ecological systems, its underlying causes, and its implications for planning and resource management.