Sidney R Hemming

Sidney R Hemming
Columbia University
Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory
Earth and Environmental Sciences
61 Rt. 9W
Fields of interest
Abrupt climate change, paleo-ocean circulation, proxy development
Description of scientific projects
Current projects include: characterization of sediment sources around Antarctic to probe the subice geology and to provide a database for ice rafted detritus and paleocurrent studies; paleohydrological change in the Mono Basin, western United states; high precision dating of volcanic ashes interbedded with lake sediments in the Eocene Green River Formation of Wyoming Colorado and Utah to quantify sedimentary cyclicity in a greenhouse climate; North Atlantic ice rafting and abrupt climate change; paleo-water mass variations using Nd isotopes from authigenic ferromanganese oxides; development of sediment tracer approaches to study variations in ocean currents in the past.