Subrahmanyam Bulusu

Subrahmanyam Bulusu
University of South Carolina, Columbia
Satellite Oceanography Laboratory, School of the Earth, Ocean, and Environment
701 Sumter Street, EWS 617
Fields of interest
Satellite Oceanography, Physical Oceanography, Air-Sea Interaction, Ocean dynamics, Indian Ocean monsoon dynamics
Description of scientific projects
1. Utilizing satellite derived salinity in climate studies (MJO, ENSO, IOD, PDO, NAO)

2. The Role of Oceanic Subtropical Gyres in the Global Ocean Circulation and Climate

3. Air-Sea Interactions in the Indian Ocean- Monsoon to Mixing

4. Role of the Intrasesonal Oscilations on the Indian Monsoon variability

5. The Role of Agulhas Current on the Global Ocean Circulation and Climate

6. Estimation of freshwater flux in the Arctic Ocean