Trevor Keenan

Trevor Keenan
Assistant Professor
UC Berkeley
Environmental Science, Policy and Management
Fields of interest
Carbon Cycling, Land/Atmosphere Interactions, Dynamic Vegetation, Climate change, Detection and attribution, eddy-covariance, ecosystem science
Description of scientific projects
As an Ecosystem Scientist, my work spans from individual organisms (primarily phototrophs) to ecosystems, landscapes and the globe. My interests are centered on understanding the terrestrial carbon cycle by examining the impacts of climate variability and long-term change on terrestrial ecosystem function and land surface dynamics. My work combines large ecological data sets (e.g., eddy-covariance, remote sensing), models of ecosystem state and function, and data assimilation/mining tools, with results from in-situ field studies and experiments, to gain a mechanistic understanding of key physical and biological processes. I enjoy using methods from diverse disciplines, including ecophysiology and biogeochemistry, micrometeorology, atmospheric science, mathematics, statistics and high-performance computing, and collaborating across fields to do so.