Uttam Deb

Uttam Deb
Assistant Professor (Aquaculture and Fisheries Economics)
University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff
Department of Aquaculture and Fisheries
1200 N University Drive
Mailslot 4912
Pine Bluff
Fields of interest
Aquaculture and Fisheries Economics, Adaptation to Climate Change, Food Security, Impact Assessment, Poverty and Income Inequality, Science and Technology Policy
Description of scientific projects
• Project Director (September 2016-August2019), “Designing and Testing New Catfish Products to Enhance Competitiveness of the U.S. Catfish Industry”, funded by USDA-NIFA (Total Funding: $399,989). The project aims to develop new products of U.S. farm-raised catfish based on analyses of consumers' preferences and the technical and economic feasibility for the industry. Collaborating Institutes: USDA-ARS Southern Regional Research Center in New Orleans, Louisiana and Texas State University.
• Project Director (Sept 2017 to Sept 2019), “Monetizing the Ecological Benefits of Wetlands Constructed through the Agriculture Conservation Easement Program / Wetlands Reserve Program”, funded by USDA-Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS), Total Fund: $175,000. The project aims to identify nature and extent of ecological services rendered by the NRCS conserved wetlands in the Lower Mississippi River Basin (LMRB), estimate monetary values of ecological services provided by NRCS restored and conserved wetlands, and quantify returns on investment from wetland conservation and easement programs. Finally, the project will provide recommendations for enhancing the overall effectiveness of the NRCS programs on wetlands.
• Project Director (Sept 2016 to Aug 2018), “Improving the competitiveness of U.S. Aquaculture in the global seafood system”, funded by USDA-NIFA (Evans-Allen 1890 Research Program; Total Funding: $30,000).
• Principal Scientist and Project Manager (August 2010-Sept 2015), “Village Dynamics in South Asia (VDSA) Project, funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Total Funding: $ 9.95 million. Implementing Organization(s): ICRISAT, IRRI, and ICAR.
• Project Coordinator (2007-2008), Training Program and Manual Development on “WTO and Bangladesh Trade Policy”, Implementing Organization(s) Centre for Policy Dialogue (CPD), Funded by UNDP Bangladesh.
• Principal Investigator (2008-2010) Study on Climate Change and Adaptation Strategies for Bangladesh Agriculture, Funded by ICRISAT/ ADB. Implementing Organization(s) Centre for Policy Dialogue (CPD) and ICRISAT.
• National Coordinator (October 2001-June 2004) “Dynamics of Livelihood Systems (DOLSYS) in Rural Bangladesh: Generation of Information for Facilitating Dialogues on Policies Pertaining to Elimination of Poverty” (PETRRA SP Number: 24-01) Project Leader: Dr. Mahabub Hossain, National Coordinator: Dr. Uttam Deb; an umbrella project implemented by IRRI Social Sciences Division, CPD, BRRI, BIDS and Socioconsult Ltd., Bangladesh. Funded by Subproject of PETRRA Project funded by DFID, UK.
• Coordinator (2003-04 and 2004-05), Global Competitiveness Research (GCR) - Bangladesh component; collaborative research project with World Economic Forum (Davos Forum), Implementing Organization(s) Centre for Policy Dialogue (CPD), Bangladesh and World Economic Forum, Funded by World Economic Forum.
• Principal Investigator (2002-2004), Trade Liberalization and Bangladesh Agriculture, Implementing Organization(s) Centre for Policy Dialogue (CPD), Bangladesh, Funded by South Asia Network of Economic Research Institutes (SANEI).
• Principal Investigator (2001), Diversification and Livelihood Options: A Study of Two Villages in Andhra Pradesh, India, 1975–2001, Implementing Organization(s) ICRISAT, Funded by Overseas Development Institute (ODI), UK.