Valier Galy

Valier Galy
Associate Scientist with tenure
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Marine Chemistry and Geochemistry
360 Woods Hole Rd
Woods Hole
Fields of interest
I seek to understand how biogeochemical processes influence the composition of the atmosphere (CO2 and O2 concentrations) over a range of timescales from decades to millions of years, thereby regulating Earth’s climate and affecting the evolution of life.

Specifically, my group is conducting research on:

• Fluvial transfer of organic carbon from continental reservoirs to the ocean.
• Carbon cycling in the Critical Zone.
• Impact of climate change on the dynamics of terrestrial organic carbon cycling.
• Deep biosphere, role of microbial communities in sedimentary systems.
• Relationships between erosion, tectonics and climate over geologic timescales.
• Radiocarbon dating (compound specific, ramped pyrolysis/oxidation), new dating techniques.
• Developing paleo-climate proxies, e.g. compound specific stable isotope measurements.