Xinyi Shen

Xinyi Shen
Assistant Professor
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
School of Freshwater Sciences
600 E Greenfield Ave
3003A, Great Lake Research Facility
Fields of interest
Flood modeling
Flood monitoring
Flood impact prediction
climate change impact on human society and biodiversity
Artificial intelligence,
Remote Sensing
Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR)
Description of scientific projects
1. 2022.7-2027.6, “Near-Real-Time Flood Observing by Synthetic Aperture Radar Satellites over the CONUS area”, NOAA/ NESDIS CIGLR, $480,000. Role: PI.
2. 2023.1-2024.12, “Climate Change Audit Initiative”, Milwaukee Metropolitian Sewage District (MMSD), $50,000. Role: PI.
3. 2022-2025 “TraitsCape: Understanding the role of microrefugia in buffering fynbos from global change”, NASA ROSES-A.7 Biodiversity: Marine, Freshwater, and Terrestrial Biodiversity Survey of the Cape (BioSCape) Airborne Campaign Science Team. Role: CoI (PI: Cory Merow), $200,000.
4. 2022.6-2023.5, “Planning for Climate Resilient and Fish-Friendly Road/Stream Crossings in Berkshire Valley”, $21,000. Berkshire Valley Association, Role: PI.
5. 2022.2-2024.1, “The development of numerical models to improve the accuracy of the weather forecasts initiative”, National Center for Meteorology – NCM (former General Authority of Meteorology and Environmental Protection -GAMEP), Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Role CoI, $320,000, (PI Emmanouil Anagnostou).
6. 2022.“Collaborative Research: BioCP-Implementation: BioFI- Biodiversity Forecasting Initiative to Understand Population, Community and Ecosystem Function Under Global Change” NSF (Division Of Environmental Biology), Role: Institutional PI (PI: Brain Enquist), $900,114.
7. 2020.3-2022.2. “Collaborative Research: Near term forecasts of global plant distribution, community structure, and ecosystem function”, $443,592, National Science Foundation/Data Harness Revolution (NSF-HDR), Role: Senior Personnel (PI: Brian Enquist, Institutional PI: Cory Merow).
8. 2016-2023, “Evaluation of Substations Vulnerability of Flooding in Current and Climate Change Scenarios in Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire” $976,500, Eversource Energy Service Co. Role: PI.
9. 2016.3-2021.8, “Planning for Climate Resilient and Fish-Friendly Road/Stream Crossings in New York State”, $105,000 (renewed annually). Housatonic Valley Association, Role: PI.