Zhaohui Aleck Wang

Zhaohui Aleck Wang
Associate Scientist
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Marine Chemistry and Geochemistry
266 Woods Hole Road
McLean 203, MS 08
Woods Hole
Fields of interest
CO2 systems in coastal and riverine environments, carbon cycling, ocean acidification Sensing technologies and in-situ sensors for measurements of the CO2 system (pH, pCO2/fCO2, total dissolved inorganic carbon, and total alkalinity)
Description of scientific projects
My main research interest is the biogeochemistry of the CO2 (carbonate or inorganic carbon) system in marine and other aquatic environments. A large portion of my research focuses on improving understanding of effects and controls of natural and anthropogenic forces on the distribution, speciation, and fluxes of inorganic carbon in coastal and riverine environments. I am particularly interested in the processing of carbon at biogeochemically important boundaries, such as the land-coast, air-water, and shelf-ocean interfaces. I also study ocean acidification by measuring the changes of seawater carbonate chemistry, and its effects on marine organisms. Most of my past studies have included both lab and field based research. Another branch of my research is the development of new methods, instruments, and sensors to measure CO2 parameters, including partial pressure of CO2 (pCO2), pH, total dissolved inorganic carbon (DIC), and total alkalinity (TA). These new technologies continuously improve our capability to observe and study the CO2 system with increased spatiotemporal resolution that traditional bottle measurements are not able to achieve. I am especially keen to develop new technologies that can be deployed in highly dynamic environments, such as coastal oceans and other aquatic environments, where high-resolution measurements are often required to realistically quantify carbon inventories and fluxes.