2022 Fall NIDIS Executive Council Meeting

Agenda Track

National Integrated Drought Information System (NIDIS)

Executive Council Meeting


Hall of States Building, Room 233/235, 444 North Capitol Street NW, Washington, D.C. 20001


Thursday, October 6, 2022

9:00am - 2:30pm EST




9:00 - 9:25 am          Welcome, Goals


  • 9 – 9:10 am: Review Outcomes of Spring 2022 EC Meeting, Meeting Logistics and Agenda, Goals for the meeting
  • 9:10 – 9:20 am: Co-Chairs provide welcome remarks, introductions of new members and guests
  • 9:20 – 9:26 am: Current Drought Conditions and Outlook
    • Mark Brusberg, USDA Office of the Chief Economist
    • David DeWitt, NOAA/NWS Climate Prediction Center


9:25 - 10:25 am        Addressing the Urgency of Drought, Climate Change, and

            Extreme Events


This panel discussion will set the stage for discussion around the drought crisis and aridification in the Western U.S., and the challenges across sectors that require greater research, resources, and attention. Discussion will center around the paradigm shift needed, and how agencies and organizations are responding to address the crisis.


  • Introductions (Veva Deheza) (5min)
  • Perspectives from Federal Agencies (30-40min)
    • Robin Webb, Director, NOAA Physical Sciences Laboratory
    • Mat Maucieri, Assistant Deputy Commissioner, Operations, Bureau of Reclamation
    • Robyn Colosimo, Director of Policy and Legislation, U.S Army Corps of Engineers
    • Cynthia Nickerson, Deputy Chief Economist, U.S. Department of Agriculture (invited)
  • Philanthropic Community Response (10min)
    • Morgan Snyder, Walton Family Foundation
  • Q&A (15min)


10:25 - 10:55 am      Paradigm Shifts Part 1: Looking at Drought Monitoring and

Assessment Through the Climate Change Lens


  • Presentation: “Drought Assessment has been Outpaced by Climate Change” - Montana Climate Office (15min)

    • Dr. Kelsey Jensco, Montana State Climatologist
    • Zach Hoylman, Montana Climate Office
    • Kyle Bocinsky, Montana Climate Office
  • Q&A and Discussion (15min)


10:55 - 11:15 am      Break


11:15 - 12:05 pm      NIDIS Public Law and Reauthorization


  • NIDIS 2022-2026 Strategic Plan (10min)

      • Supporting Drought Prediction Across Timescales
      • Expanding the Regional DEWS Footprint
      • Understanding the Impacts of Drought
      • Tribal Engagement
      • Expanding Decision-Support for Drought Planning
      • The U.S. Drought Portal
      • Implementing the National Coordinated Soil Moisture Monitoring Network
      • Climate-Driven Megadrought


  • Discussion (40min):

    • How can NIDIS reauthorization reset the basis for collaboration between agencies/organizations and NIDIS? What could better consultation and collaboration look like?
    • Which of these topics highlighted in the new NIDIS Strategic Plan are most applicable/resonate with EC members? Are there opportunities for enhanced collaboration between NIDIS and EC members around these topics?
    • Drought and Climate Change:

      • What is the biggest challenge facing your organization with respect to drought and its interaction with climate change?
      • What drought and climate change -related research gaps best address the needs of EC members?
        1. Long-term information via hydroclimatology: MAPP competition
        2. Long-term trajectory of drought
        3. Erratic transitions between floods and droughts 
        4. Drought Risk Assessment to counties, environment, utilities



12:05 - 12:50 pm      Working Lunch and Networking  (45 min)


12:50 - 1:45 pm        Paradigm Shifts Part 2: How does better water data                                                           management build the foundation for next gen products for                                      drought and climate decisions?


  • Presentation: WaDE (Tony Willardson, Western States Water Council) (15min)
  • Presentation: The Internet of Water, Water Data Act and Water Data Infrastructure (Peter Colohan, Internet of Water) (15min)
  • Discussion (20min)
        1. How does better water data management build the foundation for next gen products for drought and climate decisions?
        2. How can better water data management build the foundation for subsequent management strategies like water markets?
        3. What is NIDIS’s role in advancing better water data for drought decision-making? The National Coordinated Soil Moisture Monitoring Network (NCSMMN) and UMRB Data Value Study?


1:45 - 2:00 pm          Upcoming EC Member Drought-Related Highlights,                                                           Discussion, Public Comment


2:00 - 2:30 pm          What We Heard, Next Steps, Agenda Topics for Spring 2023






Save the Date: Spring 2023 Executive Council Meeting, Thursday, April 20, 2023