Integrating Drought Science and Information with Wildfire Management Workshop

Agenda Track

AGENDA (pdf)


Preliminary Draft Agenda


Theme: Introduction and set up of workshop objectives

1:00   Workshop Introduction

1:15   Drought/ENSO and Wildfire Overview: Current Overview

1:45   Interactive session: What are the challenges in using drought information in
          fire management? What makes it worth the effort?

2:00   Discussion

2:30   Break

2:45   State of the knowledge: drought impacts on vegetation mortality and wildfire.

          Park Williams, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, Columbia University

3:45   Interactive session: What are the opportunities to share information across
          the drought and wildfire communities? What are the barriers to doing so?

5:00   Close



Theme: Uncovering questions and gaps

8:30    Continental Breakfast

9:00    Review – Day 1

9:20    Panel discussion: Perspectives on operations, planning, and policy in sharing
           information across the drought and fire communities.

10:00  Interactive session: What are the strategies we can use to provide drought
           knowledge and tools effectively between the fire management community and
           drought community?
           How do we begin to understand how persistent drought influences ecosystem

10:30   Break

10:45   Discussion

12:00   Working Lunch


Theme: Barriers to progress, next steps

1:00    Interactive session: How do we make progress on integrating drought science
           and information with fire management?

1:30    Next steps—Moving forward from the workshop discussion

2:30    Break

2:45    Next steps discussion continued

3:15    Interactive session: Overview of what the meeting accomplished, value, and
           moving forward

4:00    Evaluation and closing

4:30    Adjourn