Midwest Climate Outlook and Drought Early Warning System (DEWS) Planning Workshop Ohio Valley- Louisville, KY

Agenda Track

Agenda (pdf)

Session 1: Welcome and Overview

8:30–8:50       Welcome and what is NIDIS and a Drought Early Warning System (DEWS)

8:50–9:05       Background on Key Partners during the DEWS Planning

9:05–9:20       Droughts & Floods and Role of a Midwest DEWS

9:20-9:40        Introductions of those attending


Session 2: Climate, Impacts and Outlook

9:40–9:55        Midwest region and climate vulnerabilities

9:55–10:10      Drought impacts comparing 2011 and 2012

10:10–10:25    Break

10:25-10:40     High precipitation impacts                

10:40–10:55    Climate Outlook – Current Conditions and Seasonal Forecast


Session 3:  Critical Issues/Challenges and Existing Resources

10:55-11:35    Break-out Discussion               

What are the critical drought-related information issues/challenges in the region?

  • What are the critical high-precipitation information related issues/challenges in the region?
  • What resources could be used to meet these challenges?

11:35-12:15    Facilitated Discussion on Results                  

12:15-1:00      Working Lunch: Drought in the Region, A Historical Perspective


Session 4:  How can a Midwest DEWS Meet the Region’s Needs?

1:00-1:45        Break-out Discussion             

What are the major needs in your sector and region?

  • What priority activities should the DEWS be engaged in?
  • What partners are critical to include in the DEWS?

1:45-2:00        Break

2:00-3:00        Facilitated Discussion on Results

3:00-3:30        Next Steps and Closing Remarks

 ---- Times and order of agenda items are subject to change ----