National Water Center Workshop on Water Data and the Big Data Project


Background Information

Aspen Institute 2017 Internet of Water (PDF)

National Weather Service Enterprise Analysis Report (PDF)

NOAA Water Initiative (PDF)

Update on NOAA's Big Data Project (PDF)


Participant List

  1. Dr. Jerad Bales, Executive Director, Consortium of Universities for the Advancement of Hydrologic Science, Inc. (Confirmed)
  2. Dr. Nate Booth, Director, Office of Water Information U.S. Geological Survey (Confirmed)
  3. Chuck Chaitovitz, Executive Director, USWP (Confirmed)
  4. Mr. Edward P. Clark, Director, National Water Center, Deputy Director, Office of Water Prediction, NOAA/National Weather Service (Confirmed)
  5. Mr. Peter Colohan, Director of Service Innovation and Partnership, Office of Water Prediction, NOAA/NWS (Confirmed)
  6. Ms. Rebekah Eggers, Global Water Leader, IBM (Confirmed)
  7. Dr. John Gates, Senior Hydrologist, The Climate Corporation (Confirmed)
  8. Todd Hay, NOAA
  9. Dori Stiefel, NOAA
  10. Dr. Tom Graziano, Director, Office of Water Prediction, NOAA/NWS (Confirmed)
  11. Dr. Ed Kearns, Chief Data Officer, NOAA
  12. Toni LaVoi, Chief of the Integrated Information Services Division, NOAA
  13. Dr. Chelcy Miniat, Senior Water Advisor for Water and Natural Resources, U.S. Department of Agriculture (Confirmed)
  14. Jim Chelius , American Water (confirmed)
  15. Hanne Mauriello, Director, Cooperative Programs for the Advancement of Earth System Science (CPAESS), UCAR (Confirmed)
  16. Joe Nimmich, Booz Allen Hamilton (Confirmed)
  17. Mark S. Woodbury, Director, Water Resources Systems, RTI (Confirmed)
  18. Troy Wilds, Senior Advisor, Office of Water Prediction, NOAA/NWS (Confirmed)
  19. Joe Linza, President, Lynker Technologies, LLC