Radiowave Operators Working Group Meeting (ROWG) ROWG-7


Last Minute Changes and Notes


Please note that the museum will not be open until 0900 so all of our times will be shifted by 30 minutes.

We will meet at the west end of Pier 15 at 0900 on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings and will be escorted into the building by museum staff and Jim Pettigrew.

All attendees will need to get a badge from the museum staff each morning.

Please read this map for information about where to meet for the icebreaker and for the Tuesday and Wednesday sessions.  Call Jim Pettigrew 415-307-5143 if you have any questions.

NOTICE for Poster Session Users

  • The room where the Icebreaker is being held on Monday night is not suitable for a poster session.  As our meeting room will be inaccessible that evening, we suggest that participants bring their posters on Tuesday morning.
  • The posters will be hung in our meeting room, taped to sliding partitions that can be swung out of the way during sessions and presentations.  There is room for 12 posters, (maximum width of 40") on the partition walls, and room for 3-4 more using pushpins on an adjacent wall.  We will arrange for a way to share the space.

Meeting Location


Pier 15
(Embarcadero at Green St)
San Francisco, CA 94111
(415) 528-4444