IWGGMS-20 Workshop

20th International Workshop on Greenhouse Gas Measurements from Space

Boulder Flatirons
May. 29 to May. 31, 2024

8:35 pm MDT

Boulder, CO
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Workshop Goal

The goal of the workshop is to present and discuss the state of the art in space-based remote sensing of greenhouse gases from space, notably carbon dioxide and methane, and related products.


  • Status from Current Missions
  • Status and Plans for Future Missions
  • Algorithms, Priors, and Products
  • Calibration and Validation
  • Local-to-Regional Sources
  • Regional-to-Global Fluxes

The workshop will include both presentations and poster sessions. The poster sessions shall be fully in-person whereas the presentations will have a virtual option, if needed and approved on a case-by-case basis by the organizers.

IWGGMS-20 Group photo

Registration Deadlines

In-person registration closes on May 18, 2024

Virtual registration closes on May 29, 2024

Local Organizing Committee

Helen Worden (NCAR)
Chris O'Dell (CSU)
Ben Gaubert (NCAR)
Britt Stephens (NCAR)
Xin (Lindsay) Lan (NOAA)
Joost de Gouw (CU-Boulder)
Yasjka Meijer (ESA)
Jessica Martinez (CPAESS)

Scientific Session Organizers

Frédéric Chevallier (LSCE)
David Crisp (USA)
Sean Crowell (Lumenus)
Daniel Cusworth (CarbonMapper, U. Arizona)
Sven Krautwurst (U. Bremen)
Gerrit Kuhlmann (EMPA)
Akihiko Kuze (JAXA)
Xin Lan (NOAA)
Jochen Landgraf (SRON)
Thomas Lauvaux (U. Reims)
Hannakaisa Lindqvist (FMI)
Junjie Liu (NASA JPL)
Shamil Maksyutov (NIES)
Yasjka Meijer (ESA)
Robert Nelson (NASA JPL)
Robert Rosenberg (NASA JPL)
Mahesh Sha (BIRA-IASB)
Hiroshi Suto (JAXA)
Hiroshi Tanimoto (NIES)
Daniel Varon (Harvard)
John Worden (NASA JPL)
Dongxu Yang (IAP-CAS)




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