CPAESS at AGU 2022

Jan 24, 2023

The American Geophysical Union (AGU) Conference took place in Chicago this 12 - 16 December 2022. Considered “the most influential event in the world dedicated to the advancement of Earth and space sciences (AGU)” it provided CPAESS with the unique opportunity to connect with many of our scientists who work with federal agencies across the country. We are always delighted to learn more about the research of our staff through their posters, oral presentations and town halls. Please check out the many presentations made by our staff while there. 

During AGU we worked at the UCAR | NCAR booth in the exhibit hall to let folks know about our programs. Dr. Nick Gross of Boston University gave demonstrations on basic principles of heliophysics using silly putty. Hanne and Cindy were delighted to meet with staff and catch up with them. In addition to these activities, CPAESS held two events managed by one of our meeting planners, Maggie Costley. 

Three women in front of blue display

Left: SPS | CPAESS Deputy Director Cindy Bruyere, NASA Lead Program Scientist for Living with a Star Dr. Lika Guhathakurta, and SPS | CPAESS Director Hanne Mauriello.  Right: Dr. Nicholas Gross giving a heliophysics demonstration with silly putty to someone stopping by the UCAR |NCAR booth. 

woman in front of scientific display

Left: CPAESS Scientist at NOAA's GOMO Office Cheyenne Stienbarger presenting her poster. Right: CPAESS Program Specialist Kate Rodd, Neil Christerson of NOAA's Climate Program Office, and CPAESS' Cindy Bruyere.

On Monday, December 12 we held a dinner for alumni and current NASA Jack Eddy Postdoctoral Fellows. This year we also had students from the NASA Heliophysics Summer School attending, which was a fabulous addition. The dinner was opened with comments from Hanne and Cindy, as well as the introduction of our new program administrator Kate Rodd. Then NASA Lead Program Scientist for Living with a Star (LWS) Dr. Lika Guhathakurta gave us an update on some of the latest developments at NASA. Following that Dr. Nicholas Gross of Boston University spoke about the NASA Heliophysics Summer School we manage and future changes to this program that will begin this coming summer in an effort to enable more students to participate. 

man at podium with arms raised

Left: CPAESS scientist and NOAA Climate & Global Change postdoctoral fellow Tyler Kukla delivering an oral presentation.  Right: Dr. Brittany Hupp, CPAESS scientist and NOAA Climate & Global Change postdoctoral fellow explaining her poster to folks stopping by.

blonde woman standing next to man with glasses

Left: UCAR President Dr. Tony Busallachi visiting with SPS | CPAESS Director Hanne Mauriello at the NOAA Climate & Global Change Luncheon.  Right: CPAESS scientist and NOAA Climate & Global Change postdoctoral fellow Yue Dong graciously let us grab a picture of her before her oral presentation at AGU.


On Wednesday, December 14th, CPAESS hosted the NOAA Climate and Global Change Postdoctoral Fellowship Luncheon for current fellows and alumni. It was a great opportunity for students and scientists to meet and network. Dr. Steve Thur, Assistant Administrator for Research at NOAA: National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration gave a wonderful presentation cementing the importance of this collective scientific research for society. We were excited that UCAR | NCAR President Dr. Tony Busalacchi was able to slip away from his busy schedule and join us as well! Both were wonderful gatherings and we were so happy to be able to connect with so many of you!

This year's AGU was a very successful event for us and it was such a pleasure to meet with many of you in person. Thank you for your wonderful work!

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