November CPAESS Discovery Seminar

Nov 7, 2023

Please join CPAESS for a virtual seminar talk with Baoqiang (Bao) Xiang

Baoqiang Xiang is a CPAESS Project Scientist at NOAA's Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory (GFDL). His research focuses on numerical model development and large-scale climate variability and predictions. He is currently working on developing the GFDL's next-generation Atmospheric Model AM5 and the GFDL subseasonal-to-seasonal prediction system. 

Baoqiang Xiang is the 2019 recipient of the WCRP/WWRP International Prize for Model Development.


Head shot of man with dark hair and glasses on a dark cloudy sky background

Title: An emerging Asian aerosol dipole pattern reshapes the Asian summer monsoon and exacerbates northern hemisphere warming.


When: Wednesday, November 15, 2023
11:00 AM MST (Virtual)

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In this presentation, Dr. Xiang will introduce his work to understand the regional and global climate impacts due to the recent AAD pattern using a state-of-the-art GFDL climate model. In particular, Dr. Xiang will discuss why the climate responses are distinctly different between the SA aerosol increases and the EA aerosol decreases. A further quantification of the AAD-induced temperature change will be provided based on the observed instantaneous radiative forcing. These findings highlight the importance of the pattern effect of forcings in driving global climate and have important implications for decadal prediction.

Watch the live broadcast

All participants will access the seminar via the webcast link and utilize Slido during the seminar for questions.

The talk will be recorded and published on the CPAESS YouTube Channel.

Questions? Contact Dawn Mullally

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