Outreach Beyond the Fellowship

Oct 3, 2022

In partnership with NOAA’s Climate Program Office, UCAR | CPAESS is helping engage the NOAA Climate & Global Change Fellows and Alumni in the NOAA Science Seminar Series. We strive to continually help our fellows build community and share their science beyond their fellowship. “The NOAA Science Seminar Series began in 2004 and is a voluntary effort by over 70 NOAA seminar coordinators to integrate and distribute a list of NOAA-hosted, publicly accessible science seminars (NOAA).”

headshot of Dr. Robert Fajber

Dr. Robert Fajber

CPAESS’ first contribution to this series is Dr. Robert Fajber (NOAA Climate & Global Change Fellow, Class 29). As a postdoctoral fellow, Robert’s research was focused on The Role of Atmospheric Dynamics in Polar Amplification: Going Beyond the Energy Balance Paradigm. His Ph.D. Institution was the University of Toronto, and he was hosted at the University of Washington with Dr. Kyle Armour. Fajber works on understanding the interdependence of atmospheric dynamics and physics in the global circulation.

NOAA C&GC Alumni and former CPAESS scientist spoke on Evaporation links the Hydrologic Cycle and Global Heat Transport on October 4, 2022 at 12pm MT. 

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