PUNCH 4 Science Meeting

Jun 12, 2023

We invite the community to the fourth PUNCH (Polarimeter to UNify the Corona and Heliosphere) Science Meeting (July 6-7, 2023 in Boulder, CO).

PUNCH is an in-development NASA mission that will image the outer corona and solar wind throughout the inner heliosphere. Major science topics include the origin and evolution of the ambient solar wind and turbulence within it and the physics, tracking, and predictability of transient events including CMEs, CIRs, and shocks. In addition, we will have sessions on coronal jets, PUNCH extended impacts through outreach, student engagement, and space-weather inputs, connections to other missions/projects and modeling efforts, and PUNCH in the context of the international Heliophysics Great Observatory and the era of open data.

Register by Wednesday, June 28, 2023

Registration and abstract submission can be done through the main meeting page.

Please note that this will be an in-person meeting. Talks will be streamed live and recorded for future inclusion on this website, but there will be no planned hybrid component.

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