NASA 5th Eddy Cross-Disciplinary Symposium Agenda-at-a-Glance

5th Eddy Symposium banner
Nov. 17 to Nov. 22, 2024

3:48 pm MST

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This agenda is subject to change

Date Times Event
Sunday 6PM - 9PM Welcome and Networking Reception
Monday 9AM - 5PM Theme: The Interconnection of Sun, Climate, Society
Tuesday 9AM - 5PM Theme: Risk and Resiliency to Space Weather Disruption
Wednesday 9AM - 5PM Theme: (Exo)Planetary Atmosphere: the impacts of Stars and Solar Physics on Habitability & Life
Thursday 9AM - 12PM Working Group Sessions
  1PM - 5PM Field Trip
  6PM - 9PM Banquet
Friday 9PM - 12PM Working Group Sessions
  1PM - 5PM Working Group Report Out and Presentations


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