Reintegrating Biology Jumpstarts

4 - 6 December, 2019

Why are we doing this?

Reintegrating biology into a unified and integrated field could be the tipping point for many exciting and transformative scientific discoveries. The National Science Foundation (NSF) is interested in hearing from research community about the opportunities and challenges for integrating across the subdisciplines of biology. We heard feedback from the community through our virtual Town Halls and the big questions that could be answered by reintegrating across biological subdisciplines. These big questions were synthesized into the following broad categories: 

  • What is the unexplored potential in biological evolution?
  • How do biological traits and phenotypes scale across life?
  • How do biological entities interact and communicate through life?
  • How do biological species and systems achieve resilience and robustness?
  • How do we predict structure and function in biology?
  • How could we manipulate biological systems to further understand the rules of life?

See more details on the categories.

We convened a diverse set of researchers representing the breadth of the biological subdisciplines for a two and half day jumpstart meeting where we tackled how reintegrating biology may advance these broad biological themes and others.

What is a Jumpstart?

Jumpstarts bring together researchers from across scientific, technical, and design disciplines to develop new and innovative ideas for future exploration. These short workshops (2.5 days) maximize diverse expertise to break down a broad topic into actionable challenges and opportunities. You can expect facilitators to orchestrate many fast-paced interactions to explore the thematic area, resulting in discussions among the community of scientists about future areas of opportunity.


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