Stipend & Benefits

Stipend & Benefits

The program offers two-year postdoctoral fellowships, reviewed annually. Fellows receive a fixed annual salary. UCAR benefits include health and dental insurance, paid time off, paid holidays, mandatory participation in a retirement fund (TIAA), and life insurance. A relocation allowance is provided as well as an allowance for scientific travel and other support costs.


  • The current salary is a fixed $76,650 in the first year and $79,300 for the second year.  Salaries are adjusted annually in October based on UCAR surveys of like institutions. 



  • Benefits include health and life insurance and participation in UCAR’s retirement plan (TIAA/CREF).
  • For detailed information on benefits, see UCAR Benefits.



  • If your current residence is more than 50 miles from your host institution, UCAR will reimburse your relocation costs up to $3,500.00. Please be advised that under Internal Revenue Service regulations all relocation allowance payments are taxed as supplemental income, subject to tax withholding and reporting on your W-2 form.
  • Relocation benefits are also subject to the applicable UCAR Relocation Guidelines and policies.
  • Postdoctorates receive a $8,000 annual allowance for scientific travel and publications each year.