SEESAW Workshop

Agenda Track


Speaker Title  
Tuesday, September 5 AM 1
O'Brien, Paul Welcome to SEESAW (contact author)
Likar, Justin Space Environment & Effects Engineering User Experiences (contact author)
Green, Janet Impact of Space Weather on the Satellite Industry  
Parker, Linda Surface Charging Overview  
Tuesday AM 2  
Ferguson, Dale Nascap-2K Spacecraft Surface Charging Code  
Jordanova, Vania Space Hazards Induced near Earth by Large, Dynamic Storms (SHIELDS) (contact author)
Tuesday PM 1  
Bodeau, Mike Recent End User Experience with High Energy GOES Electron Data  
Hands, Alex Data and Models for Internal Charging Analysis  
Drozdov, Sasha The Versatile Electron Radiation Belt (VERB) code: Overview  
Clymer, Dan On-Orbit Anomalies:Industry Perspective of a Space Weather Tools User (contact author)
Tuesday PM 2  
Mikkelson, Eric Environment Models: Issues and Needs from a Satellite Manufacturer's Perspective (contact author)
Pothier McGillivray, Nicole Internal Charging Characterization: AE9 Model Framework and EMA3D-Internal  
Daly, Eamonn Radiation Environments, Effects, and NEeds for ESA Missions  
Redmon, Rob POES/MetOp SEM-2 and National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI)  
Wednesday, September 6 AM 1
Parker, Linda Applied Space Environments Conference (ASEC) 2017 Summary  
Allred, Dan Aspects of Spacecraft Operations and the Space Environment  
Mazur, Joe Monitoring Space Radiation Hazards with the Responsive Environmental Assessment

Commercially Hosted (REACH) Project
Rodruigez, Juan GOES-R magnetospheric particle sensors: Progress report  
Wednesday AM 2  
Minow, Joe NASA Use and Needs for Radiation Spacecraft Charging Models  
Pellish, Johnny Tutorial: Current status and future challenges in risk-based radiation engineering  
Wednesday PM 1  
Kress, Brian GOES-R Space Environment In-Situ Suite (SEISS)  
Xapsos, Mike The ESP/PSYCHIC Solar Particle Event Models (contact author) 
Robinson, Zach Probabilistic Modeling for Solar Energetic Particle Events  
Hands, Alex Aviation Exposure to Solar Energetic Particle Events  
Sierawski, Brian Cosmic Ray Effects on Micro-Electronics (CREME) Tools  
Robinson, Zach Space Ionization Radiation Environment and Effects (SIRE2) Model for Satellite Applications  
Wednesday PM 2  
Jiggens, Piers Solar particle analyses: needs, data and analysis tools  
Mangeret, Renaud A view from European Large Satellite Integrators (LSI) (contact author)
Kellerman, Adam VERB-4D (contact author)
Pothier McGillivray, Nicole Simulations of Spacecraft Charging Threats  
Young, Shawn Specifying the Solar Energetic Particle Hazard Inside GEO  
Jordanova, Vania Space Weather Data Products and Modeling Capabilities at LANL (contact author)
Thursday, September 7 AM 1
Huston, Stu The AE9/AP9-IRENE Radiation and Plasma Environment Models  
Bourdarie, Sebastien GREEN: Global Radiation Earth ENvironment model (Version 1)  
Mazur, Joe Van Allen Probes Mission and Applications  
Ecoffet, Robert ICARE instruments and data sets  
Bourdarie, Sebastien Benchmarking Ionising Space Environment models  
Huston, Stu Model and Data Deficiencies  
Thursday AM 2  
Xapsos, Mike Confidence level based approach to total dose specification for spacecraft electronics (contact author)
Varotsou, Athina The OMERE radiation environment and effects engineering tool  
Evans, Hugh Radiation belt analyses: needs, data and analysis tools  
Jun, Insoo A few results from radiation transport tool comparison study at JPL  
Ladbury, Ray Radiation effects: Overview fo rspece environment specialists (contact author)
Thursday PM 1  
Messenger, Scott Solar Cell Radiation Environment Analysis Models (SCREAM)  
Kozyra, Janet NASA LWS Program and Research to Operations  
Azeem, Irfan NSF Space Weather Research Program  
Thursday PM 2  
Reddell, Brandon Environments models used for hardware certification & BON GCR Model Status  
Young, Shawn AFRL Space Environment Research for Ops & Design  
Friday, September 8 AM 1
Winters, Kathy 45th Weather Squadron Space Weather Support to Launch  
Zheng, Yihua International Forum for Space Weather Capabilities Assessment  
Whitman, Kathryn An overview of the Space Radiation Analysis Group at NASA/JSC  
Onsager, Terry NOAA Space Weather Prediction Center Data and Services  
Zheng, Yihua CCMC Tools and Resources in the context of SEESAW  
Kellerman, Adam Data assimilation and forecasting the near-Earth radiation environment  

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