Welcome to the GOLD project pages, where we're collecting information from all five projects and keeping the community up to date on our work. We'll be featuring blog articles here from each of the projects throughout the year, providing updates on progress and lessons learned. We hope you will check back regularly for information and that you will consider signing up for one of our programs.

On this site you will find resources compiled on the topics of diversity, inclusion, equity, social justice, leadership and change management. Under Resources you will find much of the literature that we use in our work to guide us, and under Journal Club you will see the articles that we are using for group discussion with one of our projects, GeoDES. We highly encourage you to take these resources to lead your own departments and institutions in similar discussions, and we welcome questions form the wider community if you need advice or ideas on how to do this. Please feel free to contact the PIs of the programs for more information.

We hope that this site proves useful, and welcome feedback sent to me (Carolyn Brinkworth, UCAR).

Hope to see you at upcoming meetings, or to collaborate with many of you in the future!

Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer, UCAR.

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