Characteristics and Culture of Geoscience Departments as Interpreted from their Website Photographs

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Articles and Special Issues
Sexton, J. M., O'Connell, S., Banning, J., & Most, D. (2014). Characteristics and culture of geoscience departments as interpreted from their website photographs. Journal of Women and Minorities in Science and Engineering, 20(3), 257-278.
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Geoscience department websites are a public representation of the department and discipline. This exploratory study investigated the characteristics and culture communicated about geoscience depart- ments through their website photographs. Outdoor settings dominated in the website photographs. This may give the impression that geoscientists spend most of their time outdoors. Additionally, the outdoors may represent the most appealing aspect of geoscience work. Most people in the photographs were men. Women were more likely to be students than instructors/geoscientists; however, in both student and instructors/geoscientists roles women still were a minority compared to the percentage of men in those roles. Most people in the photographs were white. Thoughtful and deliberate design of the websites is needed to ensure that the websites offer a welcoming image to a diversity of people.


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