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Leadership for Broadening Participation Podcast Series

As part of the GOLDEN grant, the Kardia Group has been interviewing members of the GOLD projects to try to tease out common themes around leadership in broadening participation work. The first of these podcasts have now been released and can be found at the link below. In these first couple of episodes, your hosts, Diana Kardia and Kelly Mack, introduce the GOLD projects and meet the nine GOLD project leaders who are interviewed during the series.

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Can Small Group Theory be a basis for organizational change at Universities?

The NSF GOLD-sponsored program, Sparks For Change, tested an innovative theory of organizational change for universities. The basic question was: can a special forces team of change overcome a superior (larger) force that just isn’t very interested in the topic – except that they are generally resistant to change in any form? The “resistance to change in any form” was characterized as institutional inertia, and, more formally, refers to the resistance to change where the benefits of the status quo are diffuse.

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“Diversity Makes Inclusion Harder” – Say What?

In recent years, I’ve seen increased attention to diversity and inclusion—not only in social circles, but also in mainstream media.  Fortunately, many articles go beyond lamenting the problems and focus on practical strategies for improvement.  However, what happens when the efforts make the situation worse?

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Re-branding Tough

Is toughness a necessary requirement to conduct field work in the geosciences? What, exactly, does “tough” mean? How can toughness be interpreted in light of diversity and inclusion efforts, especially in a pursuit like field geology, which often demands physical capacity?

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Social closure mechanisms in making a tenure decision

The following points enumerate some of the ways in which a typical geoscience tenure decision-making process enables implicit or even explicit bias. Departments and universities promulgate these criteria of "merit" as if they were objective, when in fact they are very subjective and often enable bias by disguising exclusion as arguments that the candidate lacks merit.

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Social Closure: An introduction and some broad examples

As the GeoDES group was beginning to write our proposal to NSF, we struggled to conceptualize a framework that links individual change with institutional change. Julie Posselt suggested that we talk with Jerlando Jackson, who introduced us to the simple yet subtle concept of social closure.

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Welcome to the GOLD project pages, where we're collecting information from all five projects and keeping the community up to date on our work. We'll be featuring blog articles here from each of the projects throughout the year, providing updates on progress and lessons learned. We hope you will check back regularly for information and that you will consider signing up for one of our programs.

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