The Geoscience Pipeline: A Conceptual Framework

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Levine, R., González, R., Cole, S., Fuhrman, M., & Le Floch, K. C. (2007). The Geoscience Pipeline: A Conceptual Framework. Journal of Geoscience Education, 55(6), 458-468. DOI: 10.5408/1089-9995-55.6.458
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In order to assess the effectiveness of projects intended to increase the participation of members of traditionally underrepresented groups in geoscience careers, short-term indicators of "success" must be identified and developed. Our first step in identifying these indicators was the creation of a model of the science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) career pipeline, based on a literature review of factors associated with STEM career choice in minority populations. To validate the appropriateness of this model for the geosciences, as well as to identify factors specific to geoscience career choice, we conducted a critical incident study and further refined our pipeline model. We used the model to determine the potential efficacy of different approaches that are being employed by geoscience diversity projects and to show how it can be used for determining the effectiveness of these projects.


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