Broadening Participation in the Earth Sciences

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Articles and Special Issues
Riggs, E. M. & Alexander, C. J. (2007). Broadening participation in the earth sciences. Journal of Geoscience Education, 55(6). 445-446.
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Out of all the physical sciences, earth sciences has the lowest participation of underrepresented minorities. Past research on factors contributing to the lack of diversity in geosciences, has focused on inadequate teacher preparation, lack of relevance or undefined career path, isolation and alienation of students of color at predominantly white institutions. In the last forty years the number of minority geoscience graduates has remained stagnant. The authors highlight three themes that have been observed: programs cannot be generalized and applied to diverse populations, successful programs incorporate culturally relevant practices, commitment for the success of diverse students has to come from all partners involved not just from government funding. Mentorship is also essential in impacting numbers in undergraduate and graduate programs as well as a connection between k-12 teachers and higher education geoscience departments.  

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